Threshold Racing Splash and Dash #1 (formally UBS Splash and Dash)

1.5 km Swim 5 km Run

June 12, 2008

Age information was not available in results so many of the graphs/charts are not available for this race.

Top Elite Finishers

Top 5 Male

PlaceNameAge GroupSwimRunTotal
1Peter KainMELITE------------42:54
3Matthew GilmanMELITE------------43:34
5Marco CampagnaMELITE------------46:46
6Patrick McnenyMELITE------------46:47
7Chuck BuntingMELITE------------46:55

Top 5 Female

PlaceNameAge GroupSwimRunTotal
2Becky LavelleWELITE------------42:54
4Jane WordawWELITE------------45:09
8Abigail BlakeWELITE------------47:00
9Erin McCartyWELITE------------47:19
24Suzanne BlakeWELITE------------51:50

Top Age Group Finishers

Age/Gender Stats

Total competitors : 101
Female competitors : 44
Male competitors : 57

Performance Stats

Total Time42:541:28:4959:44